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8 December 2014

Ghost December

"Hye everybody, swag huh?"

Hahaha, I was like a girl ghost or ghost girl, um whatever because I will only appear in December, don't you notice that? hahaha, To be honestly, i don't know to why the reason I only appear in this blog only in December, maybe because my birthday? urghh, nonsene me.

Hai, Im Eira as you all forget me. If you always stalking or start to stalk my blog, you will find that all my post only in December, but kind of it not in December, only my earliest post maybe.

It has been three years, this blog no update except in December, could anybody tell me why?
Okay, I will give you all some quiz, who can answer the question tru and be the earliest, I will tell you who I am actually, and why this blog so damn crazy silent no update and only appear in December.

Weird right?

Iam a ghost.

Trust me.

This blog cursed.

And magic.

Who read this entry, will be cursed to be my minions.

Really, no lie.


You know what? you know what? you know what? Im lying just now. HAHAHAHA. So nonsene. Okay get you questions. *wink*

1. Why Im only appear on December?

2. Am I have another blog? If yes, tell me the other blog'name.

3. What the blog is about, I meant the theme *bonus question*

4. Am I (Eira/Iera) really true? Why you answer that?

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