Sweet House Restaurant
//Eira's life story
Diary Manager Worker Tutorial Linkkie


welcome to my restaurent.. be nice here>_< im the manager..  iam cute right? LOL it's not me
wanna be my worker? be a waiter.. okay? before that..  you must know About me >_<
be waiter like them? interview with me.. click HERE..

  wanna know about me? well iam a girl, yeah i know you know cuz my name is like a girl BUT ... awak masih tak tahu tentang saya, jadi awak di sana? siapakah saya? jyeah~!! tak payah tahu!!    *ketuk kepala HANG* padan muka!! hehe

Biodata of mine >_<

nick name : Iera
old or young? : 14 years old *2013*
person of Malaysia
status : newbie

others? private of mine >< :P

actually welcome to my restaurent.. have a nice day.. i will give you speaciel order in here~ !! be nice!!

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